Trash Regulations

The City of Fredonia has had trash regulations in place for years and wants to remind citizens about regulations for refuse receptacles. Based on the Fredonia Code Book, every householder or occupant of any dwelling house and the owner, operator or occupant of any boarding house, restaurant or place of business or multiple dwelling unit or any other building in the city having refuse to dispose of, shall provide for the use of such premises one or more fly-tight metal or plastic garbage cans of not more than 30 gallons capacity, sufficient to receive all refuse which may accumulate between the times of collection and in cases of multiple family units, not less than one such can for each family unit occupying the same; and it shall be unlawful for any person to deposit or permit to be deposited upon or adjacent to any premises owned, occupied or controlled by him or her, any refuse except in such fly-tight metal or plastic cans on which the lid is kept closed and in all areas in the city where refuse is not picked up daily, all garbage shall be wrapped in sacks or paper before being placed in refuse can. Also, all food wastes shall be drained and wrapped or placed in leak proof bags, and placed in a refuse can.

By not following the regulations, citizens might be allowing trash to spread across their property and to other properties. Trash that is not in the specified refuse containers mentioned above has negative consequences for the property owner, any possible tenant and the community. The primary consequence for the property owner and possible tenant is an Environmental Code Violation that ultimately could result in a fine and Municipal Court appearance. The community consequence is the trash making the community look filthy and neglected.

The City of Fredonia appreciates all citizens working to keep their trash in appropriate containers and enclosed so that the trash does not spread across yards. In addition, the city wants to make sure that people understand that the dumpsters used by businesses are for that particular business only. It is against city policy for the dumpsters to be used for residential trash

Limb Yard

The City of Fredonia's limb yard is normally open 7 am to 4 p. Monday through Friday and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday. During these times, the city usually has staff on site to inspect any drop-offs at the limb yard to make sure that only the appropriate items are discarded at the limb yard. If for some reason there is not city staff on site, the limb yard will be closed and anyone needing to drop-off items on Monday thru Friday needs to call the City Shop at 378-3161 to arrange for an employee to open the gates and inspect the materials.


Monday through Friday

Business collections


East side of 8th Street and East to the City Limits, and North of Washington Street


West side of 8th Street and West to the City Limits, and North of Washington Street


South of Washington Street