2013 Mayoral Letter

May 28, 2013

My Fellow Fredonians: I feel deeply honored and humble to be able to address you again as the Mayor of Fredonia. I do not take lightly the responsibility of leading our City through my second term. I want to ensure you that I, along with the other two Commissioners, look forward to serving the needs of all the citizens and strive to make Fredonia a community that all can be proud to call home. As I write this letter, I will admit I am very optimistic about the future of Fredonia.

One reason for my optimism is the construction of a new swimming pool, thanks to the citizens who had the foresight and wisdom to approve a 1% sales tax, which will take effect on July 1, 2013. The topographical survey, geotechnical analysis, and the first design review have been completed. We are still on schedule to break ground at the end of this season and have the new pool open on Memorial Day weekend 2014. From the initial design I believe everyone in the community will be thoroughly impressed with our new pool. You can keep track of the pool progress by going to the following website: www.fredoniapool.com.

In my opinion, the new swimming pool is a sign of the rejuvenescence of our community and the Commission will continue to maintain this momentum by revitalizing our blighted neighborhoods by removing dilapidated eye sores. The Commission is aggressively attacking this problem, and so far this year the City has condemned 13 homes and passed 19 Resolutions directing property owners to clean up their yards. If the property owners fail to act the City will have the concerns abated at the property owners' expense. You have my promise that the Commissioners and I will continue to actively improve the esthetics of our community.

Another area of the community I see improving is with our wonderful hospital, which will be embarking in a new era of providing quality health care in our community. Recently, Alan Fischer was hired as the new Hospital Administrator. Alan has a great foundation to work from that was built by the previous administration. Over the next several months the hospital will be developing a strategic plan that will focus on quality benchmarking in order to ensure the highest standard continues to be provided to the citizens of Fredonia and the surrounding areas. Included in this plan will be the expansion of services provided by the various ancillary departments of the hospital. Additionally, the hospital will look in providing additional physician specialists to meet the growing needs of the community. With the focus on quality and enhancing the services provided, the hospital will be poised with both the future of healthcare and the many challenges faced by the ever changing healthcare environment.

Lastly, I would like to mention the growing economic opportunities for the community. We are all aware of the presence of Wilson County Holdings (WCH). The Commissioners and I feel that WCH offers a tremendous opportunity for our community in terms of employment, taxes, and simply being a member of the community. I am excited about the prospect of spin off industries, growth of new housing developments, and having our City in the spotlight. I am thankful that WCH trusted Fredonia to establish their operations here.

I am confident that as my second term ends in three years, I will be living in a city that not only has friendly people working together for the continuing betterment of the community, but a city that has diverse employment and economic opportunities along with new entertainment and recreational opportunities. We will also be attracting young families for our small town character, a sense of belonging, and that we are a clean and safe city. I know everyone will be proud to call Fredonia home.

Respectfully and with warmest regards, 

Dennis D. Mollnow